What Are Google Sitelinks?

What Are Google Sitelinks?

Time and again the benefits of link building and (as a natural result) earning a high rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) has been highlighted by the SEO experts but it is time we truly understand that the link that connects these two is the Click Through Rate (CTR).

It is what we call the percentage of how many users became your visitors by clicking on your website’s link. And one of the most effective ways to increase your CTR is to use Google Sitelinks. But the thing you need to remember here is that the Sitelinks are only available for the website that come on top of a SERP.

Sometimes you see four other sub listing under a top result (probably under the tile “more result from…”). These other links provided by Google from the same website are what we call the Sitelinks and they are as essential for your SEO ranking as the backlinks.

We have talked about the importance of Siloing before and how important it is to have your website well-structured and well organized to make it easier for visitors to navigate and Google Bots to crawl through.

These Sitelinks are basically a result of the hard work that you put in keeping your website in order. The art of Siloing is sure to bring success when you put it in your SEO techniques along with other methods that you use and when it does, it will be easier for bots to analyze the link structure of your website.

The bots always look for the easiest ways to get the work done and they always choose the best players in the SEO game to put on the top. The more organized a website is the easier it becomes for them to find shortcuts and present to the users your best content on the main page of a search result.

According to Google, the algorithm working for the Sitelinks is automatic and the only thing you can do to create Sitelinks for your website is keeping it under the rules of SEO and never forget to keep the important content linked with your homepage so they can find it easily.

Another trick is to create Anchor Text and alt Text in your content as it has been especially highlighted by the guideline provided by Google to help you make full use of Sitelinks. But they must never be repeated and should always be used only once.

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