How To Use Google Trends In Digital Marketing?

How To Use Google Trends In Digital Marketing?

Google trends is an online search tool that is used in digital marketing that lets users know about how a specific keyword that we entered is queried within a specific period of time.

It provides keyword-related data. These data also include volume index and geographical information about the search engine. To know more about How to use Google Trends for SEO, keep reading this article till the end.

How to use Google Trends:

  • You can explore Google trends by clicking on ‘Visiting the tool’ menu. You can see what searches are currently trending
  • You can enter a search query into the search box to see how search volume has varied for that over time and different locations
  • You can change the location, category for more data

Google Trends has the feature to update all the popular search queries automatically

  • It allows you to receive notifications in your mail
  • It sorts all stories in a systematic manner
  • It has an option to choose the top daily search in the subscription box
  • It let you select all the daily search trends and get the latest feeds for the last 24 hours
  • It presents accurate figures of how many times a keyword is searched at a specific time frame

Google trends help to grow your business in your local area and beyond. Everyone searches on Google if they want to know something.

Following are the five ways of Google Trends that help to improve your business


A list of recently searching queries is contained on the home page of Google trends. This functionality allows you to know what people are searching for. You can then identify the people’s interests.

For example, a large restaurant quickly announced they are no longer providing some favorite dishes to the customer. Then the customers would turn unhappy. If you own a restaurant that has those dishes, it is a great opportunity for you to announce the offers for those dishes

Being updated on relevant topics is crucial to successful marketing. Always keep an eagerness to know what people are about because it is the key to understanding your market.


Google trends show you during what period of time it is most popular other than just telling you what is trending.  It is possible to see data from any range even if it is over the past five years.

It is better to when people are searching for your product so that you can identify when you need to conduct the marketing campaigns and when to give offers for specific products

Brand and health

As a small business, it is difficult to measure brand awareness and attitude. Google trends help you to get the valuable data in just a click, which would help to increase your business popularity against other competitors

“Compare”  functionality of Google trends helps you to compare two different search queries. This makes it easy to compare your business name with your competitor’s name.

If you want to know how people feel about your business, just type in your business name so that you can see which relevant queries are coming below.

 Content Creation

It is another way to utilize Google trends. Trying to create content related to relevant topics is the best way to increase the number of audiences.

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